Reading vs. Decoding


2 responses to “Reading vs. Decoding

  1. Hi Becca — I’m killing some time since I’m stuck on what to do next on my final project. I’m not sure why cruising blogs was my first choice but here I am. This sounds like a cool one which makes me think of the time a few weeks hence when I see my self reading book-length fiction. Also, do you ever see fictional names like Mr. Penumbra and think: fuck, hasn’t the naming formula Mr. / Ms. [SAT word] run its course in serious fiction. Anyhow. Was it fun to do the audio blog? I connected one to a powerpoint and had fun just talking about the reading. I assume you had a script (that or you are the most articulate person EVER) — that seems more put-together than my associative ramblings.

    • Hi Chris–Yes, this was scripted. I had first written this review to be a blog post, then realized I needed two non-text posts. After I talked to you, I realized I needed to use You Tube to post this to my blog, and I didn’t want to see myself talking, so I used the book cover as the visual. As it is, I am still a bit mystified by the process. Initially, I had used a digital recorder to record the review, but I couldn’t get the file to transfer. So then I re-recorded using You Tube’s voiceover capacity, but in the end it’s the file from the digital recorder that’s captured here. It took me a ridiculously long time, and I still don’t know how I did it. Go figure.

      Penumbra is one of my favorite words, and I’m aware that the combination of “penumbra” and “bookstore” were probably the triggers that made me pick up the book. I’m not sure he was trying to be all SAT-ish–that’s not exactly the market I pictured for this book–but I did find a few young adults reviewing it on You Tube after I posted my review, so maybe you’re right. The real selling point for me was the comparison to Umberto Eco and Haruki Murakami which, I’m sad to say, was entirely unjustified.

      I find that at the end of the term I have a deep, deep thirst for stories. I watch movies and read novels as if I’m drinking pitchers of water. I’m looking forward to that immersion. What have you got picked out?

      And how’s the final project going? I have made all–or most–of the pieces–shot the footage, recorded the audio, selected the music, made a rough storyboard–and now it’s “just” a matter of assembling them into a movie. I quickly realized Moviemaker would be the clumsiest tool ever to try and get this done, so I’m hoping I can at least get started throwing this into iMovie and getting a friend and/or Melanie to help me get at least a rough cut.

      See you later!


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